March 2015 to July 2015

1 Peter was written by a man who understood what it was like to love Jesus in a big way, and than fall flat on his face. Through the empowering of the Holy Spirit the Apostle Peter has given us one of the greatest pictures of what a disciple of Jesus should look like as we live as sojourners in this world. 

Week 19 - 1 Peter - Big Picture

Over the last few months we have been studying what it looks like to have hope on the margins, as outsiders in this world. This weeks message reminds us what we have been studying for the last 18 weeks in this series.

Week 18 - 1 Peter 5.8-14 - Spiritual Warfare

Peter knows that suffering will come to the church. Today spiritual warfare is just as real and the suffering, although not the same in our current culture, is an ever growing threat.


Week 17 - 5.1-7 - A Humble Church

Peter calling the church to be the most humble people in the world, striving to bless and serve one another.

Week 16 - 4.12-19

Due to technical difficulties, the audio for this week's message is unavailable.

Week 15 - 4.7-11 - Strong Bonds of Hospitable Love

This passage shows us that embracing our identity as family by hospitably loving each other strengthens our bonds, bringing glory to God and peace and joy to our hearts.


Week 14 - 4.1-6 - Intentional Disciples

Fourteenth message through our study of the book of 1 Peter; looking at what Peter puts forth as the way disciples of Jesus are to live in a world that is not their own. 


Week 13 - 3.18-22 - Suffering in Light of Christ's Vindication 

We can suffer well because, though Christ was mocked, He was vindicated in His resurrection. Therefore our fear of sharing the Gospel can be overcome, our pride has no foothold, and the wounds inflicted on us by the world will ultimately be healed. 


Week 12 - 3.13-17 - Suffering Servants

1 Peter 3.13-17 shares how our calling is to be faithful servants of Jesus, living differently as outsiders, which sometimes produces friction and results in our suffering.


Week 11 - 3.8-12 - Everyday Mission

Peter walks through how we as outsiders are to live in specific areas of our lives.


Week 10 - 3.1-7 - Marriage on Mission 

This week Josh looks at how being a disciple isn't about what we do on Sunday, but what we do in our 9-5 Monday - Friday.

Week 9 - 2.18-25 - Disciples in our Vocation

In this passage of 1 Peter, Peter shows us how our marriages are not primarily for our enjoyment or happiness, but for displaying God's glory to the world. God has designed our marriage relationship and called us to live in a way that shows the world that He is our Lord and savior.


Week 8 - 2.11-17
How to Live as Unwanted Houseguests

In this talk we look at Peter’s clear instructions for daily living.  We are reminded of the need to battle the fleshly desires that are at war with us, and challenged to consider what behaviors might make the watching world join the mission for God’s glory

Week 7 - 2.4-10 - Jesus, the Living Stone

When we believe and embrace the gospel, our lives as God's people are founded upon the Person and finished work of Jesus alone. Through Jesus, we have new identity and new purpose as God's chosen people, set apart to declare His glory and grace to the world around us.


Week 6 - 1.20-2.3 - Gospel Community

In our sixth week through the book of 1 Peter we see how Peter wants his readers to know that the life of an outsider is a call to live in community. However, the goal is not community, it is the gospel. Only through 'tasting and seeing that the Lord is good', will you understand true biblical community.

Week 5 - 1.13-19 - Our Holy Hope

This week Peter transitions us from the opening of his letter and seeing 'who we are in Jesus' to the body of his letter to the early church and showing them 'how we are to live in the world'. 


Week 4 - 1.10-12 - Our Privileged Status

In 1 Pet 1:10-12 we find Peter reminding his readers of their privileged status. They have had revelations that the Old Testament prophets deeply desired to have. They have the apostles bringing the Gospel to them, and angels themselves are peering into the wonder of what is taking place. Today, we are even more privileged that Peter's first audience as we have all these things and 2000 years of church history. What are we doing with our privileged status?


Week 3 - 1.3-9 - Our Hope in Trials

In our third week Josh looks at how in the midst of our trails and sufferings, God has granted us with a hope and inheritance that is of far greater value. We also look at how in our culture we don't really suffer persecution, and seek to explore why this might be true.



Week 2 - 1.1-2 - Outsiders

Peter is writing to those who are elect exiles, or 'outsiders'. Peter wants his audience to know that they are first and foremost children of God, not citizens of this word. 


Week 1 - 1.1 - Scandalous Grace

The author of 1 Peter, the Apostle Peter is a disciple we can all relate to. He was a big lover of Jesus and also failed in major ways. Both his success and failures were to Peter scandalous grace!