September 2014 to November 2014

Each fall we will walk through the basics of Redemption Hill. We take time to remind each other who God is, what He has done, who we are and how we are to live. In 2014 we spent 7 weeks looking at the core truths about God and how they shape us as His people. 


Basic Week 7 - Missional Communities 

In our seventh and final week Nate Littlefield looks at the Missional Community and how God has called Redemption Hill to structure ourselves around the Missional Community. 


Basic Week 6 - Gospel Rhythms 

In our sixth week of the RH Basics series Josh walks us through 6 Rhythms that every culture, throughout all of history have had. These 6 simple Gospel Rhythms can free us from doing more, to living lives of intentionality for the sake of Jesus. 


Basic Week 5 - Gospel Fluency 

Rob Burns, Soma Philly, joins us and shares about God's call for us to be fluent in the Gospel. Looking at Eph. 4, Rob reminds us that to go deep in the gospel, we need to be people who speak truth in love to one another. 


Basics Week 4 - Family, Missionary & Servants

A look at our new identity through Jesus Christ. Brady Ellingwood looks at how we are now part of God's family, serving King Jesus and empowered by the Spirit, because we have received the free gift of grace.


Basics Week 3 - Our New Identity 

God throughout all of human history has given His people a new identity. From the creation of the world, God has defined who we are, and as a church family we will see the need to know and understand who we are in Christ, and not who the world wants us to be. 


Basics Week 2 - Disciples & Discipleship 

Week 2 of our 7 week look at who God has called RH to be. We look at how the church is called to be disciples who make disciples. 


Basics Week 1 - Gospel Power 

In our first week we look at how the Power of the Gospel is the foundation for all that we are to do. We are motivated by what Jesus has done on our behalf.