April 2014 - Easter 

During the Easter season we will look at how we are called to cultivate our awe in Jesus and Jesus alone. The world, the flesh and the devil all seek to cause us to take our eyes off of Jesus, but we must fight the good fight to keep our eyes on the resurrected King, Jesus.


Cultivating Awe Week 3 - Competing Kingdoms

Join examines the competing kingdom we live in. The Kingdom of Heaven, our true home and rule and the world we live in here and now, the kingdom of this world. 


Cultivating Awe Week 2 - Resurrected King

Jesus a good teacher, a healer, a great man, the messiah are all true statements about who Jesus was, but only one Jesus has secured our affections and love and thats the risen Resurrected King, Jesus! 


Cultivating Awe Week 1- 4G's Overview

Over the Easter season we will spend three weeks intentionally looking at how we can Cultivate our Awe in Jesus. This week we look at 4 truths we often do not believe, called the 4G's