DNA groups consist of two to three people – men with men, women with women – who meet together weekly to share what they have heard from God’s Word (Discover), help each other repent of sin/believe the gospel (Nurture), and pray together for non-believers they’re relationally connected to (Ask).  This framework provides the opportunity for believers to be known, to enjoy Jesus together, apply the gospel to the ups and downs of life’s journey, and keep focused on mission.



Quite simply because we grow better, faster, richer, and deeper in Christ in the context of intentional, biblical community than we do alone.  Our sin nature moves us toward isolation (sin loves to fester in hidden places), but God has given us spiritual brothers/sisters to help us walk in the light and with whom we can enjoy the gospel together.  The reality is that life is so busy and noisy that brothers/sisters don’t get to speak into each other’s lives at a deep level very often.  DNA groups exist so that this type of mutual discipleship conversation happens regularly. 



Jesus calls all his followers to be radically committed to him (Matthew 16:24-26). We believe commitment to Jesus includes commitment to his bride, the church.  As a church family, RH lives out our commitment to Jesus and his bride through involvement in MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES (we go), SUNDAY GATHERINGS (we gather), and DNA GROUPS (we grow). All of these provide ample opportunities to steward the gifts and talents God has given us for the good of the body (we give).

Missional Communities, the Sunday gathering, and DNA groups should be viewed as three strands of a braid.  Consistent involvement in all three provides a well-balanced context for becoming disciples who make disciples.

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