November 2014

We spent three weeks in November looking at what the call of an elder is and how we are Redemption Hill planned to appoint elders within our church family. 

Eldership - Acts 20.28

Ramsey Tripp, an Elder from East Auburn Baptist Church, speaks on the role of the elders and the role of the congregation as Redemption Hill begins the eldership process.


Elders Week 3 - Role and Call of an Elder 

Josh looks at what the primary role of an elder is biblically and how that looks for our church today. We also looked at how as a church family we will examine this call in a mans life. 


Elders Week 2 - Qualifications of an Elder - 1 Tim. 3

Brady walks through 1 Tim. 3.1-7 and the Qualifications of a biblical elders. He points out that the call of an elders is the call of all who follow Jesus, and an elder must be a man who is pressing into Jesus and setting an example for how a disciple of Jesus should be living.


Elders Week 1 - Biblical Eldership

In the first week of our three week series Josh Cousineau looks at what a biblical elder is, and who can be an elder. He also wrestles with the role of men and woman within the church and how we must look at creation to find the standard for our church leadership. 


Redemption Hill Elder Process & Application

Here are the forms we use to appoint elders within Redemption Hill. Feel free to use or adapt. If you would like an editable version, please email