Generous 2014

September 2014

We will take three weeks looking at how we are called to be a generous people and how our generosity is a thermometer to our heart and dependence upon the Gospel. 

Generous Week 3 - Strategic Living

Our time, talents and treasures were all given to us not so we may live as the rest of the world, but so we may live in such a way as to find our joy in Jesus and use them for God's Kingdom.


Generous Week 2 - 3 Truths about 'being generous' 

This week Josh looks 3 foundational truths about biblical generous and how the generosity of Jesus shapes the way we live our daily lives. The three truths are; 1) Generosity = all of you. 2) You have been given all you need. 3) What you have, is actually HIS! 


Generous Week 1 - Generosity: The temperature of our hearts

Generosity is a thermometer showing what is going on in the heart. Do our hearts understand how much we have been given? If they do, they will overflow with generosity. If they don't, we will guard our money, our stuff, our energy, our time, and use all of those things primarily for our own pleasure and comfort. Generosity will lead us to joy and life. Lack of generosity will lead us to despair and death.