Reverse Gospel Grid

Over the past few weeks in our RH Basics series, we've looked at Who God is and What God has done. Over the next few weeks we will look at Who it is we are and What we are to do. We call this the Gospel grid. It is the framework that shows us how God intended things to be, so that who we are and what we do flow naturally out from who He is and what He's done.

We see this grid perfected in the story of creation, as everything was perfect upon creation. We are His image-bearing creation. Bearing his image includes hanging out with God and stewarding His stuff. Yet when the fall happened, this 'Gospel Grid' was reversed.

What did Adam and Eve do? They ate the forbidden fruit. Who did they perceive themselves to be? Unloved children. What had God done (in their eyes)? Withheld from them, even lied. So who was God (in their eyes)? They were. They were their own god's.

This reversing of the Gospel-grid can be a helpful diagnostic tool for families, fight clubs, missional communities, etc., for getting to the root sin issue. Let me give you an example I had to wrestle with to illustrate.

What did I do? I was bitter.
Who was I? Misunderstood; I was not appreciated.
What had God done? He hadn’t recognized my 'perfectly good awesomeness.'
Who was God for me in that situation? My ‘God’ was the approval of others.

It was easy to see my outward sin (bitterness) but what I really needed to see was the root of my sin. I was being bitter because I was looking to other’s approval as though it were God.

I would encourage you to use this reverse method as a diagnostic tool on your own. Use it in your fight clubs and if you are a parent, in your parenting. However, it is important to know that each time you reverse the grid it will look different. I was bitter because I was failing to get other's approval. Yet someone else could be bitter because they want control they don't possess. Walking through this backwards will probably be most effective in community with people listening to your story and asking questions to understand just where your heart is in regards to believing lies about yourself and God. Below are a few more examples to help you think this through more visually:

Remember, when you start with  you,  then you answer  "Who is God",  he will always be a lowercase "g" god. Meaning, this is  not  really who God is, it is who you believe god to be, it is an idol of your own making.

Remember, when you start with you, then you answer "Who is God", he will always be a lowercase "g" god. Meaning, this is not really who God is, it is who you believe god to be, it is an idol of your own making.