Disciples & Discipleship

This past Sunday I taught on our identity as disciples who make disciples, as part of our RH Basics Series. One of the main things I pointed out is that most of us use the term disciple & discipleships, yet we do not have a good working definition of what a disciple is and how we are to walk through the process of discipleship. I offered 2 definitions, which I stole from fellow pastor Jeff Vanderstelt.

Disciple: one who is increasingly worshiping Jesus in all of life, being changed by Jesus, and obeying Jesus' commands.

Discipleship: leading others to increasingly submit all of life to the empowering presence and Lordship of Jesus Christ.

I have found these helpful as I learn to live as a disciple of Jesus and as I seek to live a lifestyle of discipleship. 

What about you, are these helpful? Do they give you a sense of what you are called to do and how you are to live?