Redeeming Christmas Shopping

With Black FridaySmall Business Saturday and Cyber Monday behind us we can all take a break. Or can we? This post isn’t about the moral good or bad of consumerism during the Christmas season, although that might be a good post to have. No, this is more about some options for how we can redeem shopping, gift-giving, and spending this Christmas season. 

Because Jesus gave the greatest of all gifts to us as His followers, we are blessed to be able to give good gifts to others. This means that as a husband I am freed to give great gifts to my wife, as parents we can bless our children with gifts that imatate what Jesus has done for us. As a family we can serve, love, and bless one another by giving because we have received. Yet, one thing we can often forget about is our position before we received those gifts. The Bible is pretty clear that we didn't receive the gift from Jesus because of how good we were. No, we were the opposite of good. We were against God, opposed to Him, at odds with Him and down right mean about it. Yet, He still gave us the gifts. There was no previous relationship, nothing we did, no way we earned it. It was freely given.

What if we were to take this Christmas season as an opportunity to do the same. To bless someone who has never done anything for us. Someone who maybe we don't really even know. Someone who is half-way around the world. Why might we do this? Maybe we would do it because that is what Jesus did for us. He gave of Himself, of no gain to Himself for our joy. 

As we seek to Redeem Christmas this season, maybe imatating Jesus is what's called for. Maybe as a family, an individual, or as a missional community you want to do things differently. Well, here are three ways to redeem your shopping this Christmas season. 

Here are three ways you can bless others this Christmas.

  • Support a child in Ecuador: Give Christmas to a child in Ecuador through the ministry of Byron and Becky Gudino and Isaiah 61 International: “Our Christmas outreaches will take place this year at the churches in South Quito and Cayambe. We hope to buy candy bags for about 300 children along with a small gift (about $2.75 per child). As we've done each year, the children will be invited to a Christmas program to hear about the love of Jesus Christ.” If you would like to help out with this special project, you can donate online or for more information. 

    Note: Sunday 15th we will take a collection of money for the children in Ecuador and send it in. This is a chance for your children to be able to give to those in need.

  • The Root Cellar: “This Christmas, we are giving you the chance to sponsor a family in downtown Lewiston, and bless a parent with the opportunity to give to their own children on Christmas morning.”

    There are 3 ways you can get involved in this effort. 
    1) Deliver to a parent in need. We will connect you with the information and family details, and you will deliver the gifts directly to the parent - no wrapping necessary. 
    2) Take a Parent Christmas Shopping! Who wants to Christmas shop alone anyway? You know you're going to be doing it anyway - why not take along a new friend? Let us know if you are interested in this option! 
    3) Give Gift Card. Give the opportunity for parents to shop for their own children. We will make sure to deliver your gift card directly to a parent - along with any Christmas message you would like to send along. Contact The Root Cellar at 782-3659 or visit HERE.

  • Hope House: With “Hope for the Holidays” family gift boxes. 
    • Donate funds for gift box supplies 
    • Donate new and nearly–new toys 
    • Donate new or nearly-new winter wear 
    • Donate packaged cookies or treats 
    • Help deliver family gift boxes to area homes requesting them 
    For more information you can call - 207-577-1165