Expulsive Power of a New Affection

This past Sunday I taught about our affections for Jesus and how only by having greater affections for Jesus, will we have any victory over sin. Much of the thinking was gleaned from Thomas Chalmers work called, The Expulsive Power of a New Affection. Here are a couple quote from yesterdays message. 

"address the eye of his mind with another object, with charm powerful enough to dispose the first of its influence and to engage him in some other prosecution as full of interest, hope and congenial activity as the former" (pg. 4)

The love of God and the love of this world, are two affections, not merely in a state of rivalship, but in a state of enmity- and that so irreconcilable, that they cannot dwell together in the same bosom.” (pg 6)

The best way of casting out an impure affection is to admit a pure one; and by the love of what is good, to expel the love of what is evil.”  (pg. 9)

Perhaps the greatest quote in the work was when Chalmers went on to show how we are to bring about change in our lives. He points out that it is only done when there is,  the overbearing of one affection by another.”(pg.5).

Here is a link to Chrisitinity.com where you can read the whole article, The Expulsive Power of a New Affection.