Meditating on Scripture

As we seek to be a church of disciples who make disciples we must make sure that the Word of God is central to our development and growth.  

One discipline we often do not walk well in is the discipline of meditationWe live busy, hectic and crazy lives. There is not much silence in our lives, and we often have our calendars packed back-to-back. All of these, and more, contribute to a lack of nourishment that comes from the Word.

However, if we are to grow as disciples of Jesus we must study, meditate on, and memorizes the Word of God.

We see throughout the Bible that we are encouraged as disciples to be a people who are committed to the Word.

We cannot serve a God whom we do not know. We learn who God is through His Word and works.

In Tim Keller’s book “Prayer”, he talks about the importance of meditation. He gives the following process by which a disciple of Jesus is to meditate upon the Scriptures.

First, Ask the hermeneutical questions:

  1. What did the original author intend to convey to his readers in this passage?

  2. What role does this text play in the whole Bible? How does it contribute to the whole gospel message and move along the main narrative of the Bible? - Tim Keller, "Prayer," pg. 149

Studying is also a prerequisite for meditating.  Apart from study, you won’t be able to meditate on the meaning of the passage, because you won’t know what the passage means.

Second, we are to meditate upon the Scriptures.

Joshua 1:7-8, Psalm 1, and Psalm 119:7-16 are passages that encourage memorization and/or command meditation.

“Psalm 1 commands meditation. The word used in the Psalm literally means “to mutter,” or recite from memory. “To meditate is to ask yourself questions about the truth, such as: “Am I living in light of this? What difference does this make? Am I taking this seriously? If I believed and held to this, how would that change things? When I forget this, how does that affect me and all my relationships?” - Tim Keller, "Prayer," pg. 148

Jesus was the ultimate meditator of Scripture.  He resisted the devil by quoting Scripture in the desert. Keller goes on to say, "He is the one who meditated so profoundly on Scripture that He virtually 'bled' Scripture, quoting it instinctively in the most extreme moments of life." ("Prayer," pg. 163)

Over the next two weeks we want to encourage you, your family, your DNA group and/or Missional Community to meditate on Psalm 145. Study it and then let us soak in it together.

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