January 2015 

There are many things we could invest our time in as we step into 2015 as a church family, and disciples. Yet, none may be as fruitful to the mission God as called us to, or as valuable to our growth as disciples as prayer. 

Throughout 2015 we will spend time looking at, learning, investing in and prioritizing prayer in our life as disciples and as a church family.  

Childlike Prayer

We look at what praying like a child means in light of Jesus' call to be childlike.

Experiencing the Love of the Father

Often we can know a lot about how much the Father loves us, cares for us, or how He sent Jesus to live the life we could not live. For far too many of us, this knowledge is simply head knowledge and it isn’t something we feel in the depths of who we are. If we are to have a deep, powerful prayer life we must also experience the love of the Father. 

Shameless Prayer

As we continue to focus on Prayer in 2015, we look at Jesus' instruction to pray with the shamelessness of a beloved, adopted child.

Lord Teach us to Pray 

As we spend the year seeking to Prioritize Prayer, we must come with the poster that we do not know how to pray. We must be a people that continually throughout the year as the Lord to teach us to pray. In our first message, Josh looks at how prayer is a natural part of every humans life. We as disciples are to cultivate this gift and make sure that we prioritize prayer.