September 2015 to November 2015

Each fall we will walk through the basics of Redemption Hill. We take time to remind each other who God is, what He has done, who we are and how we are to live.

Living It Out Pt. 2

Week 6- This week we get into the nitty-gritty of how we as Redemption Hill live out our call to be the church- disciples who make disciples. See how and why Missional Communities are the primary organizing structure of Redemption Hill, and what that means to us in the everyday.

Living It Out Pt. 1

Week 5- This week we look at "how we are to live" as a church family, and how God has called us to form ourselves as disciples who make disciples.

Identity Pt. 2

Week 4- This Week we look at how God has given those who are part of His church a new identity in Him. God has called each of us to live as a "Family of Servant Missionaries."

Identity Pt. 1

Week 3- The world tells us that we are what we do; what we have accomplished, where we work, who we know, the failures and success of our life define us. This way of thinking, basing who we are on what we do, leaves us hopeless and frustrated. However, the Bible tells us that we are who God says we are. He gives us our identity, not our actions.

Disciples of Jesus

Week 2- We look at what a disciple is and how we as followers of Jesus are to live as disciples who love God and love people.

Rooted in the Gospel

Week 1- This message is a reminder of the gospel truth and why we need to be rooted in it.